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ECMS has employed innovative approaches with our field inspection services to ensure that the project cost and time span does not exceed the appropriated quantities. In order to prevent a costly overrun due to a bust in the unit item quantities, a partnering meeting is routinely conducted with all stakeholders (owner, architects/engineering, contractors and community) to address the project challenges. The Construction Manager and Field Inspectors also audit the projects reported weekly/monthly quantities to accurately pay the contractor.

ECMS' team licensed certified inspectors (Construction and NICET) has enabled the project team to uniformly interpret contract documents and enforce the quality construction of each project. This standardized approach to observing, examining and reporting the contractor's activities coincides with standard industry practices.

Our inspectors provide quality control for the field procedures and reporting to further ensure that requirements of the contract documents are met. The field QA/QC has facilitated our ability to be immediately responsive to the contractor's request to make minor field adjustments, request for information (RFI), and address other site-specific needs and or concerns.


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