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Our Project Approach

The team at ECMS has the keen ability to anticipate your project needs and respond accordingly with tailored, specific, immediate solutions to the challenges associated with the clients targeted project. Our professional staff is dedicated to meeting the highest standard of project service, crucial to effective delivery of regulatory services. Consistency, responsiveness, efficiency and a positive attitude are key components of our approach.

projectPartnering with your professional staff, ECMS utilizes our collective professional working experience within municipalities and public entities. As seasoned professionals, we understand the unique challenges you face and strive to complement the talents of your existing management and staff.  Our success lies in placing into action services and staff that enhance the value of and highlight the unique personality of each individual client we serve.         

One of our key assets is the depth of experience of our staff. Professional personnel with years of industry experience coupled with a wide-range collection of business resources allows ECMS to uniquely customize and focus on our clients specific needs and requirements. We have worked directly with multiple jurisdictions in a variety of capacities and are familiar and comfortable working in the fast-changing pace of a growing city and its evolving project challenges.

Insuring that all key personnel have a complete and thorough understanding of the scope of work is a key element in resolving potential problems before they occur.

The ECMS approach to project management is to “be prepared” for the unexpected. ECMS understands that unexpected situations occur and has set up proactive programs to facilitate rapid response.

Project Inception
ECMS’s Point of Contact, (POC) will meet routinely with the design professionals to review individual project plans and determine specific project needs. The POC will also draft and submit a proposal based on information obtained.

Project Schedule Management
The assigned Project Manager, will provide a written project schedule for the project team and the construction entity involved through the POC. Periodic project milestone reports will be provided.

Budget Management
ECMS is committed to providing and or verifying project estimates at the inception of each project. Our ability to give a reasonable and accurate budget estimate and stay within that budget is an essential key to your project.

Report Quality Management
The quality of a report is defined by sound technical work and recommendations matched to project goals and budgets. Multiple reviews of each report are an ECMS standard.  Reports will include a peer review of the entire document including a cross check of technical evaluations.

Laboratory Quality Management
All laboratory testing will be performed in accordance with accepted ASTM protocol. Work will be performed in an accredited laboratory, indicating methods, equipment calibration(s) and record keeping are performed within accreditated guidelines.

QA/QC Program
ECMS’s Quality Assurance Program is based on the premise that the success of our clients and our business begins with providing consistent and reliable results. Our Quality Assurance Program procedures during the performance of our services are designed to ensure guidance and delivery of high-quality service to the design and construction teams.

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