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The ECMS team has the keen ability to anticipate your project needs and respond accordingly with tailored, specific, immediate solutions to the challenges associated with engineering, management, plan review and inspection projects. Our professional staff is dedicated to meeting the highest standard of public service, crucial to effective delivery of regulatory services. Consistency, responsiveness, efficiency and a positive attitude are key components of our approach.

Our Project Team gives our clients the best blend of specialized ‘hands on’ experience to better serve our client’s interests. If required, we are able to enhance the capabilities of our team by including specialty sub-consultants who provide specific expertise to assist our Project Team. The result is an integrated Project Team that has strong experience and understanding of public sector projects, design and construction issues, budgetary issues, impacts on community stakeholders and the environment. 

ECMS key assets are the depth of experience in our staff.  Professional personnel with years of industry experience coupled with a wide-range collection of business resources allows ECMS to uniquely customize and focus on our clients and the community's specific needs and requirements. ECMS highly qualified professionals, includes Licensed Professional Engineers, Licensed Professional Geologist, Licensed Architects, Certified Project Managers, Certified Construction Administrators, Master Degreed Transportation Planning and Management Engineers, Senior Environmental and Engineering Technicians, Certified Engineering Field Technicians and Inspectors who are highly principled and have an extraordinary work ethic.  Additional qualifications and information on each team member can be found in their respective resumes listed in the Team Builiding section. 

Services Provided

Program Management, Project Management & Consulting

Engineering Management

Environmental Management

Construction Support Services

Technical and Investigative Services

Safety Development


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