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ECMS embraces the concept of a fully integrated team, and we’re committed to providing the personnel and resources necessary to assist you in successfully completing your projects. Our staff members have dealt with the issues and challenges encountered on many public sector projects, and are familiar with municipal agencies operations and processes, therefore; we are able to foresee and prepare for project challenges rather than react to them.

Our qualified project management staff maintains clear and effective communications between the Client, the Project Team members, and other key project participants. To achieve this, our approach is to maintain a flexible organization with a single point of contact (POC) and provide a cohesive, experienced team from the beginning through the completion of all your projects.

Our Project Team gives our clients the best mix of specialized ‘hands on’ experience to better serve our client’s interests. If required, we are able to enhance the capabilities of our team by including specialty sub-consultants who provide specific expertise to assist our Project Team. The result is an integrated Project Team that has strong experience and understanding of public sector projects, design and construction issues, budgetary issues, impacts on community stakeholders and the environment.

We have worked directly with multiple jurisdictions in a variety of capacities and are familiar and comfortable working with the fast-changing pace of a growing city and its evolving project challenges.  Through several innovative project approaches and technological advances, ECMS can foresee and prepare for project challenges rather than react to them.


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