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ECMS applies its resources for projects toward the goal of developing an intimate relationship that achieves accurate results and conclusions. We have developed strong working relationships with private businesses, local, state and federal public agencies and institutions. We continue to focus on improving our full-scope of services within each of our business sectors to improve the quality of lives within our community. ECMS' business culture is to assume the ultimate responsibility as a community stakeholder in revitalizing the surroundings we all live and work in.

People and Diversity
ECMS, Inc. encourages employees to do their civic duty by being good neighbors with diverse groups in their communities as a part of our commitment to building a better world. ECMS practices gender, racial and cultural diversity.

Our Culture
ECMS, Inc. provides and promotes an atmosphere of teamwork collaboration, respect and dignity. ECMS is committed to an environment of knowledge sharing and we utilize means and methods to facilitate, encourage and support our commitment. We are steadfast in our effort to provide our clients with the best possible level of service.

Community Involvement
Being an exemplary citizen is an integral part of our core values. In addition to enhancing the environment through the projects we involve ourselves with, ECMS places a strong emphasis on supporting worth while causes and we encourage employees to address the needs of the community in which we reside and work.

Partnering with our clients
By partnering with clients and local school districts, institutions of higher learning and local municipalities in many of the areas we serve, ECMS offers internships that broaden the eudcational horizon for our youth. These experiences provide lifelong enhancement to the character of the young people we engage.

Supporting Charities
ECMS supports many industry related organizations and educational non-profit entities such as Habitat for Humanity, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Community Development Corporations, and several local church organizations. These organizations focus on sustainable use of resources and meeting the fundamental needs of our citizens.

As part of our community conscious company, our people are acutely aware of the many ways we affect our surroundings. ECMS employees frequently contribute personal time and money to the efforts that help make their communities a better place to live. Volunteerism and philanthropy includes participating in fundraisers and other humanitarian outreach efforts.


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