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Commitment to Our Environment

ECMS offers services to clients that interface with infrastructure related issues that may pose a threat to health and safety, security and the environment.  ECMS’s primary focuses is to apply technical expertise to engineering and construction related projects to achieve solutions that protect the environment, public health and safety, and improve the quality of life.  

ECMS has developed strong working relationships with private businesses, local, state and federal public agencies and institutions.  We continue to focus on improving our full-scope of services within each of our business sectors.  Our client base is diversely secured within those sectors because we provide safe, timely, concise and cost-effective turnkey services structured to each clients’ particular operational circumstances.

Our areas of expertise include Program Management, Engineering Management, Construction Management, Project Management, Materials Consulting, Environmental Consulting and Construction Inspection.  Our project management team is experienced in working and cooperating with multiple public sector departments and their representatives


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