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Corporate Responsibility

ECMS embraces the concept of a fully integrated team, and we’re committed to providing the personnel and resources necessary to assist you in successfully completing your projects. Our staff members have dealt with the issues and challenges encountered on many public sector projects, and are familiar with municipal agencies operations and procedures.

Our qualified project management staff maintains clear and effective communications between the Client, the Project Team members, and other key project participants. To achieve this, our approach is to maintain a flexible organization with a single point of contact (POC) and provide a cohesive, experienced team from the beginning through the completion of all your projects.

Staffing your project through ECMS provides access to knowledgeable professionals, ensuring a durable built environment. ECMS will provide services from the initial plan review stage through the final construction phase and issuance of a letter of completion.

ECMS has developed strong working relationships with private businesses, local, state and federal public agencies and institutions.  We continue to focus on improving our full-scope of services within each of our business sectors.  Our client base is diversely secured within those sectors because we provide safe, timely, concise and cost-effective turnkey services structured to each clients’ particular operational circumstances.



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