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Project Plan Review & Constructability Review Services

ECMS specializes in providing plan reviews and inspection of public works and commercial projects, including storm and sanitary sewer systems, water utilities, roadways, curb, parking lots, gutter placement, and site drainage and retention systems. Our inspection division gives us a unique perspective of looking beyond the development process to the building construction phase, allowing us to better serve the client and the development community by heading off timely and costly delays. We can also provide your project with the adoption of development standards to assist with compliance with state law and local ordinance.

Staffing your project through ECMS provides access to knowledgeable professionals, ensuring a durable built environment. ECMS can provide services from the initial plan review stage through the construction process and issuance of a letter of completion.

Our services are provided by full-time employees that will ensure the construction meets the plans and specifications. Our extensive on-site conflict resolution skills can ensure public safety while assisting the developer with compliance. (We provide next business day inspections for all projects, offer night, evening, holiday, and weekend inspections when required, and also make ourselves available for same day re-inspections whenever possible).

Our goal is to meet and exceed the service level required from our clients. We provide plan reviews for compliance with a variety of inspection codes, including the uniform family of codes (UBC, UMC, UPC and NEC) and various state and local regulations throughout Texas.

Our professional staff has extensive experience reviewing various types of construction and building occupancies:

    • Tract Development
    • 2-3 Story Multi-Family Residences
    • Office Buildings
    • High Rises
    • Theaters and Stadiums
    • Parking Structures
    • Recreation Buildings
    • Apartment Buildings with Subterranean Garages
    • Hotels
    • Industrial/Storage Warehouses
    • Detention Facilities
    • Gas Stations with Metal Canopy
    • Hazardous Chemical Facilities
    • Steel Buildings
    • Retail Centers
    • Malls
    • Commercial Tenant Improvements
Project Plan Review Services Chart


    Project Plan Review Services Chart


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