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Technical and Investigative Services

ECMS, Inc. provides technical services and consultation in all engineering related activities related to improving our environment and quality of life.  ECMS offers services to clients that interface with infrastructure related issues that may pose a threat to health and safety, security and the environment.  One of ECMS’s primary focuses is to apply technical expertise to engineering, construction and environmental related projects to achieve solutions that protect public health, safety, the environment and improve the quality of life.  

Additional capabilities and technical experience are offered for consulting, management, assessment, permitting, planning and source control for engineering, environmental and construction sectors, and issues related to infrastructure, air, soil, surface water, wastewater, and groundwater. Through a team approach with the client representatives and project staff, ECMS is able to provide careful programming, planning, management and monitoring of each project’s activities.

ECMS has developed strong working relationships with private businesses, local, state and federal public agencies and institutions.  We continue to focus on improving our  technical scope of services within each of our business sectors.  Our client base is diversely secured within those sectors because we provide safe, timely, concise and cost-effective turnkey services structured to each clients’ particular operational circumstances.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals, including Licensed Professional Engineers, Project Managers, Certified Construction Administrators, Professional Geologist, Master Degreed Transportation Planning and Management Engineers, Geotechnical Consultants, Certified Engineering Technicians, Senior Engineering Technicians and Inspectors, who are highly principled and have an extraordinary work ethic. 

ECMS's experienced and technical staff performs services in the following areas:

Project Engineering and Management provides programming, planning, management, supervision, administration, client staff support, monitoring and inspection for facilities renovation, new construction, and remediation projects. 

Engineering Reviews and Project Controls tracking protocols are implemented to provide Value Engineering tailored to Project monitoring, Budget controls and Cost benefit analysis. We institute a strategic systematic approach with each program that enables ECMS to integrate its resources with the client/client staff in providing a seamless organization and cohesive team that will serve a project efficiently and effectively while maintaining the projects long term operational expense.

Infrastructure Surveys, Property Condition Assessments, Infrastructure/Forensic Investigations determines the necessary rehabilitation and operation and maintenance needs for a facility’s structural, mechanical, and utility systems.

Environmental Services  entails identifing environmental risks and employing regulatory research, technical and keen field investigation services to successfully perform on each project. Click here to view our full range services;

Project Safety Policy Development and Implementation that includes Health and Safety Plan Development and Implementation; Worker and General Public Hazard Assessment; Worker Task Evaluation; and the Facilitation of Worker Health and Site Safety Training and Continuous Communication.

Our experience on large-scale projects exemplifies ECMS's technical ability related to responsiveness in project design, implementation, and management provides the basis of service. 


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