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Phase I
A Phase I Environmental Assessment consists of a detailed investigation of the environmental conditions and identify hazardous risks based or historic and existing conditions of a property. Property transfer environmental assessments are conducted to provide the client with the environmental conditions and engineering features of a property prior to real estate transactions and other property transfers. ECMS tailors the Phase I Environmental Assessment to fit the client's needs, while conforming to ASTM Regulatory Standard E 1527-05 for Commercial Property Transactions. A site assessment will incorporate of the following investigative points:

Historical Ownership Research Risk Identification
Site Conditions Survey Regulatory Compliance
Aerial Perspective Report Preparation

Phase II
If Environmental Recognized Concerns (ERC) are identified during a Phase I Environmental Assessment, a Phase II Environmental Assessment is recommended to confirm or refute the presence of contaminants. If the presence of contaminants is identified and confirmed, a Phase II Environmental Assessment will locate and quantify the source and the extent of the contamination. Samples of groundwater, surface water, surface soils or sub-surface soils, and other materials are collected and analyzed. Multiple soil borings are administered, or groundwater monitoring wells are installed to determine the extent of horizontal and vertical contamination. A Phase II Assessment will sometimes require the development of a risk reduction plan or a technical specification for underground storage tank removal, soil or ground water investigation and/or asbestos removal within facilities.

In addition, ECMS professionals are well versed and technically trained in turnkey asbestos and lead based paint consulting including field sampling services, wipe testing, and producing abatement design specification documents, and abatement monitoring programs.

Phase III
A Phase III Environmental Assessment evaluates alternatives of remediation and establishes a project closure approach. ECMS will develop the most cost-effective remediation plan in accordance with State and Federal regulations. Site Remediation or Closure Plans contain final engineering plans, specifications, and contract documents for clean-up. This phase of the project also includes bidding, contract administration and project management enhanced services.

ECMS is licensed by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as an LPST Corrective Action Specialist and Underground Storage Tank Contractor. ECMS has licensed Professional Engineers and License Corrective Action Project Managers (CAPM) on staff. ECMS has the capability to monitor contaminant vapor levels with state of the art equipment and enhanced field applications .


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