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Remediation Investigation

Excavated soils can be a record keeping nightmare for those firms trying to show some goodwill for the community. Not managing excavated soils to the satisfaction of Regulatory Authorities, can lead to enforcement action from a Federal and State Level Agency. ECMS can provide the guidance and experience, necessary to assist our clients with documentation and custodial care of cleanup activities to its final disposal destination.

Corrective Action and Project Management

  • Cleanup Management
  • Design and Implementation of Corrective Action Plans
  • Excavation, Removal, an Disposal of Contaminated Materials
  • On-Site Soil Venting and Soil Treatment System Design
  • Regulatory Negotiations
  • Recovery System Design
  • Slurry Containment Barriers Design

Contaminant Delineation

  • Geologic and Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Source Identification
  • Tank Excavation and Removal

Facility Assessments

  • Monitoring System Evaluation
  • Organic Vapor Emission Surveys
  • Record Keeping Review
  • Regulatory Compliance Audit
  • Surface and Subsurface Soil Investigations
  • Tank Testing


  • Contract Document Preparation
  • Preparation of Site-Specific Closure Plans
  • Regulatory Interface
  • Sampling and analysis Plan Design
  • Supervision and Documentation of Closure


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