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Subsurface Investigation

ECMS provides Environmental Assessments on real estate prior to any purchase transaction. This will inform our clients of the historical condition of real estate prior to obligating themselves unknowingly to negative environmental liability. ECMS encourages its clients to become fully informed as the extent of their environmental responsibility by knowing the entire extent of their obligation. Once a client is educated, informed, and willing to police or correct any environmental inequities, ECMS can provide the knowledge and experience toward a positive outcome.

ECMS investigates the following environmental conditions:

  • Previous property use which could result in future regulatory liability
  • Hazardous building materials
  • Soil Conditions 
  • Subsurface Water Conditions
  • Improperly stored hazardous chemicals and wastes
  • Leaking underground petroleum storage tanks

*ECMS provides additional studies and subsequent remedial actions when required.

Our personnel include geologists, engineers and technical support staff experienced in a variety of environmental compliance projects. Our experience on large scale environmental projects exemplifies ECMS’ technical ability related to responsiveness in project design, implementation, and management provides the basis of service.

Contaminant Delineation

  • Geologic and Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Monitoring Well and Lysimeter Installation
  • Source Identification

Facility Assessments

  • Monitoring System Evaluation
  • Organic Vapor Emission Surveys
  • Record Keeping Review
  • Regulatory Compliance Audit
  • Surface and Subsurface Soil Investigations
  • Tank Testing

Corrective Action

  • Cleanup Management
  • Design and Implementation of Corrective Action Plans
  • Excavation, Removal, an Disposal of Contaminated Materials
  • On-Site Soil Venting and Soil Treatment System Design
  • Regulatory Negotiations
  • Recovery System Design
  • Slurry Containment Barriers Design


  • Contract Document Preparation
  • Preparation of Site-Specific Closure Plans
  • Regulatory Interface
  • Sampling and Analysis Plan Design
  • Supervision and Documentation of Closure
  • Tank Excavation and Removal


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