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Management Goals

Our Innovative approach has enabled ECMS to consistently ensure that quality construction work practices are achieved throughout the project's duration. This fact is made evident by our ability to quickly close projects and submit close out documents to the clients.

ECMS has employed industry proven approaches to ensure the expeditious execution of The Contract work as well as specific Work Order project integrity. The goals of our management plan includes:

  • Understanding the project scope and desire/appropriate outcome
  • Manage the constraints
  • Anticipate and identify hazardous and deterrents to efficient project execution
  • Eleminate hazards, minimize and manage risk
  • Design for optimum performance and quality
  • Resolve conflicts quickly
  • Secure stake holders confidence
  • Eliminate costly overruns (encourage the contractors to respect the limits of the appropriated funds)
  • Execute assignments as planned
  • Maintain flexibility

Our goal and commitment to be fiscally responsible, provide risk management and implement work quality and promote efficiency is demonstrated by our consistent adherence prescribed by the clients budget and objectives.

We believe that the success of any program or project is primarily dependent on four things:

  • Corporate resources and Integrity
  • First Line supervisor competency and work ethics of the persons performing the work
  • Working relationship between the stakeholders (compatibility and accountability)
  • Maintaining positive working relationships and maximizing the awareness among the Owner, Design Team, Construction Manager and Contractor


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